SURIV, a hospital-grade, multi-purpose disinfectant and sanitizing agent. The active ingredient of SURIV is NaDCC, a disinfectant approved by the US-EPA for Coronavirus and recommended by the CDC, WHO and UNICEF. Suriv is especially formulated as a safe and easy to prepare solution with broad spectrum activity against microorganisms including Bacteria, Fungi, Spores and Viruses. Suriv is suitable for general sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting of most non-porous hard surfaces.

Direction of Use

Fill container with water. To determine how much water to fill, please refer to dilution table below for guidance. Drop one tablet into the container and wait for it to dissolve before use. Warm water will result in faster dilution.

Dilution Table

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Public Safety And Infection Control

Household surface sanitizer • General item sanitizer • Food service sanitizer • Deodorizer • Outbreak & biohazard disinfectant • Hospital surface & equipment disinfectant • Public space disinfectant • Laundry Disinfectant