Our Business

With the Rotex brand, we offer you a large selection of high-quality health products for the whole family. Rotex supplies you and your family with all important vitamins and minerals, selected for and tailored to your requirements at every stage of life. Your satisfaction and confidence in the Rotex brand is our top priority. To consistently meet our uncompromising standards for quality and safety, we rely on our quality assurance systems with internationally recognized certifications, as well as carefully selected raw materials and production in the United States.

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We Understand Export

We want to help our customers live full and healthy lives, wherever they find themselves. With this in mind, we invested time and effort in developing our export channels.

The idea here is to provide support and to meet the demand from growing numbers of international customers. Only the most supremely talented and experienced individuals work as part of our international registration and sales teams. These dedicated employees work tirelessly to connect our products to global markets.

Of course, different markets have different regulations and requirements. Also, different economic zones require different strategies to help our products achieve optimal reach. By supporting you with our international sales teams, we can ensure that you meet these standards, obtain the required documentation, and put yourself in the ideal position in your local market.

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Quality is where we start

Quality, safety, and efficacy are everything to us, which is why all of our products are manufactured in a USFDA registered facilities. In addition to this, our manufacturing protocols and procedures are audited by NSF, a third-party licensed to assess Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP

Health Canada
Health Products Association
NSF Certified
NSF Registered
CRC Kosher Certification
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