Quality is where we start

Quality, safety, and efficacy are everything to us, which is why all of our products are manufactured one in USFDA registered facilities. In addition to this, our manufacturing protocols and procedures are audited by NSF, a third-party licensed to assess Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP

Rotex Naturals

We offer you a large selection of high-quality health products for the whole family. Rotex supplies you and your family with all important vitamins and minerals, selected for and tailored to your requirements at every stage of life. Your satisfaction and confidence in the Rotex brand is our top priority. To consistently meet our uncompromising standards for quality and safety, we rely on our quality assurance systems with internationally recognized certifications, as well as carefully selected raw materials and production in the United States.



Arthrite® SGC, is a poly-herbal formulation designed for mild to moderate Osteoarthritis that requires pain management, reduction of inflammation, & improvement in joint mobility. Arthrite works as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Traditional Medicines (Export Only not sold in the USA) .



SURIV Effervescent Disinfectant Tablets, a hospital-grade, multi-purpose disinfectant and sanitizing agent. The active ingredient of SURIV is NaDCC, a disinfectant approved by the US-EPA for Coronavirus and recommended by the CDC, WHO and UNICEF.

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Liverpro has a comprehensive natural liver protection and liver care formula to help support the functions performed by the liver everyday.. Liverpro protects the liver from the damaging effects from consumption of fatty foods, alcohol, cigarettes, and other environmental pollutants. Traditional Medicines (Export Only not sold in the USA)



Clandex is a unique formula that cleanses our body by its using a 3 stage process. First, It allows a lot of viscous polysaccharide to be created within gastro-intestinal tract and especially stimulates intestinal movement to clearly empty toxins in the intestines. Second, It releases intestinal stress and induces natural bowel movement due to its natural dietary fiber as well as lactic acid fermented powder. Third, It improves multiplication of lactobacillus in the intestines to help activation of intestinal functions thus leading to better immunity.