Pioneer in the field of advanced healthcare products and
innovative proprietary formulations.
Rotex creates supplements to help customers achieve and
surpass their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Our Vision

To be the company people TRUST for natural healthcare

Our Mission

To provide a more natural-focused health management process to consumers by offering high quality dietary supplements while expanding the use of natural plant-based medications overseas.

Who We are

When you purchase a Rotex dietary supplement, you are purchasing the product of many years’ worth of experience, development, and expertise in the industry. We understand that you are serious about your health, and so we ensure that all the pharmaceuticals we produce provide the utmost in quality and efficacy.

By utilizing vigilant scientific protocols, calibrated bioassays, and the most stringent clinical procedures, we are able to bring --- products to the market, all of which adhere to the highest standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

As a pioneer in the field of advanced healthcare products and innovative proprietary formulations, Rotex invites you to join us as we create supplements to help our customers achieve and surpass their fitness and lifestyle goals.




The nation's health is a serious business, and this is why each and every ingredient we use is backed by painstaking research and careful clinical testing. All aspects of our formulations undergo the same stringent levels of scrutiny and design.

This includes the potency, form, and combination of our ingredients. By monitoring these aspects we are able to deliver you the very best results in terms of health and energy.

The same levels of rigor and care, unfortunately, are not employed by sensationalist reporters in the media, who put forward spurious and damaging claims that Americans get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our daily diets. Sadly, this is not the case, and the USDA and National Institutes of Health have highlighted multiple shortfalls and deficiencies in nutrients and vitamins within our society.


With the research completed and the ideal ingredients identified, the next stage in our product development protocol is sourcing. Only ingredients of the very highest quality are used in our supplements.

Careful and thorough sourcing procedures are adhered to at all times and all our ingredients are of the ultimate purity.

By applying our strict guidelines of purity, safety, and efficacy to all our ingredients, we strive to provide the very best results to our customers.


We exhaustively review and examine all the materials we utilize as part of the manufacturing process, and source certified organic and non-GMO ingredients wherever possible.

To achieve this, we check allergen documentation, GMO status, and origin details as standard, as well as identity, potency testing and botanical documentation.

We also utilize certified third-party verification to guarantee that all our organic ingredients comply with National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines, delivering great results and peace of mind directly to you, the consumer